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“So, how does this work?” Natsumi asked.

“I must enter your body to fulfill the covenant,” the red bird girl said. “May I proceed, mortal?” It was kind of her to ask, Natsumi thought.

A lot more kind than Catherine inching into her personal space. Natsumi awoke from her trance with a gasp. In the flick of a moment, the great cosmos vanished. The giant eyeball, gone. The voice that rumbled through her head muted. She was back in her body. Back on Earth — did she ever leave? In front of her was Catherine. A little close. Too close.

“HEY!” Natsumi bellowed. “Puh, personal space, dork!”

The dominatrix remained still. Her hands still holding Natsumi’s. Whatever strange energy she had was flowing into her, and behind her a radiant heat grew stronger. Natsumi turned her head and tipped her gaze upwards to see that the bird girl was there. Her fire hair twirling and swirling up high into the light blue morning sky. The spirals of fire flashing off of her distracted Natsumi.

“Ahem!” The fire girl said. “May I enter your body, god child?” She rested her hands on Natsumi’s shoulder. The fire didn’t even singe her cotton blouse but the flames were engulfing her from behind, wrapping her in a warm heat. She found herself tightening her own grip on Catherine’s hand and she responded with a quick squeeze of her own.

“What?” Natsumi hated when people (or fire bird girls) repeated themselves. If you’re gonna do something, then do it. “Yeah get your junk in my trunk already,” she said.

“Crude,” the fire girl retorted. “Well then, prepare yourself! Here I come!”

“Crude?!” Natsumi said. “Okay Birdgirl, phrassss…” The words died on her lips. From behind tendrils of fire entered through every orifice of her body. The intense pressure was back and this time she wasn’t able to stop it or control it with any kind of breathing exercises. Natsumi’s eyes fluttered shut and she tightened her grip on Catherine’s hand and leaned towards her until she felt Catherine’s gentle breathing on the skin of her face.

Inside of Natsumi’s mind a new voice echoed forth. “There! Our minds and bodies joined! Child?”

Natsumi bit her lip and trembled. In her belly energy swirled and bounced around electrifying her body. “Child? Are you…”

Natsumi’s eyes popped open and with a husky, huff of breath she cried out. “MAGICAL! HEALING!” The energy bounced through her nerves. Every bit of her tingled and throbbed. She pushed away from Catherine and gripped the Heartwing Staff with both hands. “EAYEAHHHH!” The words were supposed to be “zappy ray” but she lost all sense of language and mind and let a primal scream out along with a sizzling bolt of light from the heart-shaped end of the staff.

At the receiving end of Natsumi’s overflowing love was the hapless beast with twisted body and backwards head. The ghoul tilted her head and looked confused at the narrow beam of light glinting off her, but before she could react, her doom came in the form of a beam of light the girth and size of a bus. It hit the ghoul with so much force that the creature gripped the concrete tiles on the ground, but it wasn’t enough. The beam melted away the ghoul’s physical presence into droplets of ink and energy that evaporated in the wake of the energy beam.

The blast was short and intense. Natsumi wavered and dropped her arms. The Heartwing Staff clattered on the ground. She was spent and could use a long sleep.

“Did that…” she mumbled. “Did that guy get wrecked?” She coughed. “Urrrfff.” Her vision was blurry. “Where is I?” She mumbled.

Catherine stood to her side silent, her mouth shaped in a big ‘O’ and her eyes even wider.

End of Chapter

Hey, that's the end of the current chapter, "The Team Up!" And just in time... next week I'm getting my wisdom tooth (I only have one) pulled. It sucks, but I wanted to get it done as soon as possible so I don't have to worry about it later.

There'll be an update on Saturday (of course), but it might be some old artwork, and it might be like that through part of August since I'd like to take a break. I've been drawing a new comic ever week since the beginning of the year, so, yeah, a break is in order! I hope you're having a great Saturday, more later...

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