Magical Healing... Yawnnnn

Jun 18, 2022, 7:08:04 PM

Natsumi twirled the Heartwing staff and gripped the handle with both hands. She raised the heart high into the sky and began to stir it around in small circles. Around it glittering golden light sparkled into existence and left a trail of dust and sparkles behind as it spun.

Catherine stood up, mesmerized. The gentle warm breeze blew through her tussled hair. She forgot her cap which laid on the concrete tile to her side.

“Magical…” Natsumi said, her voice booming and commanding. “Healing…” The pronouncement was less booming and Catherine could see why, and she probably wouldn’t have known if it weren’t for the caterpillar in the back of her brain. Wisps of light sparked into existence around Natsumi and wrapped around the pole of her staff and climbed to the heart where they formed a strong glowing core, but the light coming from Natsumi dwindled.

Natsumi wobbled, one foot arched higher than the other. She took a small step forward to catch herself. Her mouth opened to speak the last word of the incantation, but instead she yawned.

The core of light gathered at the heart burst forth like a small ball lobbed through the air and struck its target true. The ball of energy donk’ed the upside-down headed creature right between the eyes and bounced (reflected??) and struck the concrete tiles in front of her. It erupted in a small flame and sizzled out leaving a little charred spot on the ground.

The monster glanced down and tilted her head confused. She shared a look with Catherine. Catherine grit her teeth and turned towards Natsumi for further explanation.

“Muh, magical girl ray zappy…” She continued to yawn. The fibers of light coming from her appeared much more faint and evaporated a short distance away from her. The heavy heart of the staff tipped forward in her tired arms as she struggled to keep the staff upright.

“Are you, um…” Catherine drew close to help her, but Natsumi cradled the staff against her elbow and continued to yawn. “Okay,” she whispered. There was no way Natsumi was going to be able to activate the staff and finish this fight.

“Ugh”, Natsumi said. “I’m so groggy all of a sudden…”

“You are sleep deprived.” The sky was brightening now. They had spent the entire night in the park. Despite falling asleep against her shoulder it appeared as if Natsumi wasn’t well rested, but if Catherine had to be honest with herself, it had been a long day for the both of them. “And, that zappy power must take a lot of your strength.” Natsumi nodded. “Yah,” she said with another yawn. “But, usually I can manage it…” She trailed off. Her legs wobbled. Catherine went in to support her but stopped herself.

She unzipped and removed her gloves. Her ethereal vision showed her own powers. Light shimmered and coiled around her arms and danced on the tips of her fingers. She saw wisps of her own power corkscrew together and leap from her fingers towards Natsumi.

“Hmmm,” Catherine mused out loud. “Maybe I can help you.”

She reached out to her.