The Partnership

Sep 17, 2022, 9:57:46 AM

My Dearest Brother,

I write to you today, of something miraculous.

A sight I have never seen before. Upon my walk to the shore where the misty wood meets the sea of time, I saw reflected in the placid water a shining star. A jade jewel falling across the cloudless, sunless sky.

The tail stretched far into the infinite expanse above me. And where does this emerald chain emit from doth thou ask?

This patch of sky above my immortal life is the ground for those with ephemeral lives. ‘Tis a tapestry woven from fibers of light and darkness, pinched, stretched, and delicately etched by the passage of time and pull of space.

The needle piercing this veil of darkness is a rock both skipped into and emerging from a placid pool. It's tail bends with the folds of space, lapping against the inky depths, entering and exiting all the same.

Have I ever written of her?

The creator goddess?

When the ten thousand things were created, she was among them, one of the children, no different than another other. I watched over her, like the other children. As they played and discovered their powers and brought forth their own creations, none of their manifestations were long lived.

Except her’s.

From her own two hands and her breath did she devise the complex froth and foam that spawned the inky heavens, a balance between the yin and yang itself, an evolving dance of forces and matter seen and not.

She demarcated what is ours and theirs, the Eternal Realm and the Mortal one.

I digress.

Now then, the green beacon.

It threads an unfathomable distance to me with a crooked curve woven through the void.

‘Tis the luminous howl of many lost souls crying in relief and liberation all at once. Their collective voice echoing across the universe.

They long to return home, back to the greater body they come from.

And, I dear brother, shall bring them home.

I have traced the arrow to its archers.

Ah! I should have known. A pleasant portent.

The beacon threads deep into the blackness,

and weaves quick around rock and debris,

and shoots by yonder planets, moons, and stars.

'Twas only a matter of time these two

unlikely goddesses should meet and join

forces. Emissary to the Creator

and the Child I sent from the misty wood.

They have found one another upon this

young globe of verdant land and azure sea.

I look forward at our future to be.