Happy New Year 2023!

Jan 1, 2023, 3:50:56 AM

Happy New Year!

Today's special guest post is from Neil Kapit the creator of We Are the Wirecats.

Every year the Webcomic Underdogs group does an end of year art trade. Usually it's Christmas but this year it's a New Years themed one.

The question posed: What are your character's New Years resolutions?

So everyone who wanted to join in on the fun was assigned a comic by random and then had to draw a guest post for that series.

Neil happened to get mine (again) and he drew this for me.

So, Natsumi's resolution is to be the best Magical Girl Kamiko she can be... I guess, we'll all find out in 2023 if that's the case.

My Guest Post

I'll post mine next Saturday, but you can view it here on Hippo's website. This year I got the M9 Girls and it's always a joy to draw them. It's always a joy to draw ladies, lol (for me anyway).

Click here to read my M9 Girl's comic "Phrasing"

A Message From Me

So, this is the end of the year. I've been serializing the new story of This Mortal Coil since August of 2020.

I said I would be on break till about February, so there's no new comic pages in the pipe. There's certainly an idea of what's next based on the question Catherine posed in the last page of The Partnership.


I'm thinking of taking a longer hiatus from the comic.

I've been reflecting on my creative work and I want to make other art projects. This Mortal Coil takes up pretty much all my free creative time. I start a comic idea on Monday and have it ready by Saturday. This doesn't leave a lot of wiggle room.

Now... I'll also say this, even though there's a whole week to put a comic together it doesn't mean that it takes that whole time. Usually I work on the comic for an hour or two a day. So in total about 10 hours minimum and honestly probably the more realistic answer is that it's 15-20 hours per week for a strip. That is to write, pencil, bubble, and publish it on Saturday.

I try not to work too hardcore on the comic because I don't want to burn myself out on it. Maybe one or two evenings during the week might be devoted to painting the comic strip, but in general it's mostly downtime so I can be ready for work the next day.

So, I suppose I'm saying that I'm burnt out on it, LOL.

That means it's time for a longer rest and to focus my energies on something else and let this particular field lie fallow for a bit.

Even so, I would like to continue to post something on this site. I'm not sure if that'll be each Saturday or what that would be -- more blog posts?. I did have an idea of posting sketches in a special art book. I'm still thinking this out, but right now until February there won't be any new comics, and by then I hope I can give you a better idea of what 2023's publishing schedule will look like for the future of Magical Girl Kamiko.

I'll also share with you what my other project is but I'd like to get some traction on it and that may take time (because I still want to take is easy for a bit longer).

So there you have it...

I hope you have had a great weekend, a Happy New Year, and you'll certainly see me again in 2023 with something new here.

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