The Ferrywoman, Page 2

Feb 28, 2015, 2:00:33 PM

How It's Made: The Ferrywoman Page 2

Here are the liner notes for page 2 of The Ferrywoman. The pencils are below:

The Ferrywoman - 2 - Pencils

The Ferrywoman - 2 - Pencils


The Ferrywoman - 2 - Storyboard

The Ferrywoman - 2 - Storyboard


Frame. The Ferrywoman turns to look at Natsumi and Hana first.

Frame. She then turns to Kamiko. They have the same aura about them.

[Author Note: As you can see I mushed these two frames into one and just had Natsumi and Kamiko side by side. They have a similar looking face, because, well, if you read the comic you'd know. Here's the link to the page in question.]


What I see is the past and the present colliding upon this stage and you are solely concerned--

Frame. Kamiko raises her hand as a gesture to make the Ferrywoman stop.


Focus now. You can give me the whole paradox timeline ass-chewing spiel later.

Frame. The Ferrywoman stares at Kamiko incredulously. The girl is defiant in every way possible. She's potentially violating her own timeline. She should not be here. This is yet another wrench Kamiko is throwing into the order of things. It's terrible but fantastic. But she still has to know why, but the Ferrywoman is willing to reign in that curiosity and see where this goes.

The Ferrywoman pulls her hood away to reveal her face. She is a beautiful woman with long flowing whit-ish blonde hair.


The beast and the god are one and the same.


(O.S.) What happens if I kill him?


His energy will be released into the world. The threads of his attachment will disintegrate and be no more.

Frame. Shift to Kamiko looking up at the Ferrywoman. She's gesturing with her hands.


Okay, yeah, but he'll be a god again. His energy will be purified.


(O.S.) 'Tis true, but at a high cost. Is that a price you are willing to pay?

Even looking back at this script page, I'm pretty amazed that I mostly followed what was written on the page. :) I don't think that should be a rare case, but going from script to page there'll always be some differences.

Art Only

Here's the art only -- no text bubbles. After I did the backgrounds I went through and painted in the green. Even though you don't see the glowing green character, (you know who it is right? You might know what it is, right? :D) I wanted the presence of that green glow everywhere to remind you of him and to add something more to the scene since it is a back and forth of the characters talking.

I like how the green adds an extra layer of depth to the characters. It gives them a roundness that I sometimes omit with the black and white because I think it would render things too ugly. I especially like how the green accents the Ferrywoman's hair.

I was tempted to also try and animate the green particles floating in the air, but I'd have to do that with every frame and it would be quite painstaking. I do want to eventually add animation but I think I will save that for the climax.

The Ferrywoman - 2 - No Text

The Ferrywoman - 2 - No Text


That's all for this week's new page! I'll try and do another post later on about the Ferrywoman's character design. At least you can see some of the images of the work in progress and how she's evolved since 2010.

That's all for now. Please look forward to the next one!

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