The Idiot

Apr 3, 2017, 9:44:23 PM

The Idiot today's comic, but "The Idiot" is not a continuation of Lady of the Moon.

I ran out of time and I didn't draw a new 4-panel comic for this week. I did do this 4-panel a while back as a test to see how long it would take me to put one together. I think it also took a couple of hours on one January day.

Why does Jade think of Kamiko as "The Idiot?" Well, maybe the Lady of the Moon story will eventually answer that, but there are glimpses of it in Rabbit of the Moon as well.

If you're wondering how Jade and his new canine buddy got the shoe look here. You can see them playing with it here. And here's where what happened to the other shoe. Oh, and it also shown in "Deconstructed Loilta" here, but it's inconsistent with what happened in the story. That aside, if you haven't guessed, this comic takes place after Rabbit and the Moon, whereas Lady of the Moon takes place during the late 60's.

The style of this comic is different, because at the time I thought doing something more traditional -- inked and cel-shaded might be simpler. It's the same amount of time really, since I can do the high contrast fast now, and even faster since the images are easier. When I went to do Lady of the Moon I decided it had to be in high contrast.

The reason I ran out of time this week: I'm looking for an apartment in Los Angeles.

Yup, I'm moving across the great state of California to take a job.

Wish me luck!

What's that mean for This Mortal Coil?

It might be on hiatus as I settle into my new life down south. I do have scripts for upcoming episodes of This Mortal Coil -- although very loosely defined ones, but the plan for that is to finish Lady of the Moon.

My Neighbor Kamiko right now is still the next big one and will feature a lot of comics in this new 4-panel style -- along with larger comic pages.

Alternate Press Expo this Fall

Yet, before I start on that venture, over the summer I'll be spending time trying to figure out merch for This Mortal Coil since I'll be sharing a booth with a friend come this September at the Alternate Press Expo -- at least that is currently the plan. Luckily, I have some ideas for things that are merchandise-able such as the coloring book and maybe a complete graphic novel.

Wouldn't that be fancy-pants?

Anyhow, this week's comic buys me one more week of time to draw up something new. :)


Plan B Includes You!

I suppose Plan B would be to open it up for fan art from other artists. If you draw Kamiko or do a 4-panel with any combination of Kamiko, Jade, and Chang'e I'll post it on the site. I know Rabbit and the Moon was graphic at some parts, but for these 4-panels I'm looking for something lighthearted and fun.

I'll save the heaviness for bigger graphic novel pages down the line.

If you'd like to contribute some fan art or a fan comic use the contact page and write me!

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