Who's a Good Boy!?
Who's a Good Boy!?
Who's a Good Boy!?

Who's a Good Boy!?

Nov 21, 2023, 7:22:00 AM

Who's a good boy??

The tiny pupperino rippin' it in that lantern?

The best boi.

I'm not above a fart joke. Not even a big ole stinker.

Besides there needs to be some levity compared to the previous page which was very serious indeed.

While I was drawing this, I wondered, would the Ferrywoman be a-okay with this? But, somehow, I've always thought of her as an animal person. So, yes?

She needs a companion of some sort after all. You'll definitely get to see more of her strange pets.

Oh and before I go...

Happy Thanksgiving! I know it's early, but there won't be a post later this week, so I'll say my holiday warm wishes now.

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