Takahashi Natsumi Fashion Illustrations

Aug 20, 2022, 10:44:14 PM

Sometimes you gotta find the right look to meet the occasion, and kamiko, I mean natsumi, is no stranger to fashion...

...For her, this blue mini dress and blouse is for a night of hunting youkai and other monsters that lurk in the shadows of tokyo. She certainly thinks it makes a strong statement...

But, she's not all miniskirts and fluffy blouses. her days off are well...


Even a goddess needs to take time to rest and recharge. After all, there's only so many nights you can be out wrecking monsters before it wrecks your self-care.

Sometimes, dressing for a night out doing normal human things isn't a bad idea.


You know what's nice...

Color variations!

And she's got 'em all!

How about rose gold?

Mint green houndstooth?

Reverse black and white?

Blue and Gold Argyle?

Now, you might be thinking, "Hold on a sec, I thought she dressed like a Gothic Lolita. What happened to that?" Don't worry, you'll see the flouncy dresses again someday.

That style represents a totally different epoch of her life, and in this story, we haven't gotten to that time yet...

Yes, that's right, another epoch of her life. If you recall The Rabbit and the moon, That takes place...


You know what, keep reading the comic and you'll find out.


(I mean, I barely know what's going to happen next since I'm just making it up...)

See you next week!

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