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May 17, 2016, 1:00:59 PM

I know you guys don't say much, but I do know that folks come and read the comic (thanks Google Analytics).

Or... maybe it's a bunch of web spiders. Thanks, web spider robots!

I don't know if anyone reads this stuff below the page, but... whoever you are, or whatever you are, and whenever you are...

Thank you for reading The Rabbit and the Moon

From the bottom of my heart.

It took 4 years from start to finish. That's a long time to be working on something like this. Anybody else might have given up ages ago. The comic's gone through many ups and downs. My life's changed a lot in four years too.

For those of you who are reading this, while this is new, on the 17th of May, you're probably wondering why today (Tuesday), and not Wednesday?

Today I turn 36.

No other reason.

Seemed like a nice "period" for my 35th year of existence on this mortal coil.


That's it.

What now?

I'm so glad you asked, web spider robots, I mean, dear readers. What will you be coming here to crawl for, er, read in the coming days, weeks, and months?

I have some ideas.

Maybe an actual break first. I finished production on the story on March 26th, and you could say I've been on a "break" since that, but you know there's still publishing pages and whatnot.

I'd like to do a postmortem on the whole thing.

A debrief on the last four years. I don't even know where to begin in processing all of that, but I wanted to create a series of blog posts that break down my process, talk about the changes the story went through. Show you what was left on the cutting room floor, and so on.

It's mostly content for SEO. A nice way for me to recollect the time and share it.

The Lolita Turntable isn't done yet.

Have you see that?

You can see the individual stills here.

There's still more, like 12 more drawings, and then animated turntable will be complete. If you have any particular Lolita style or dream dress that you fancy the most, drop me a link in the comments and I'll work it in. Or tweet me (@AlbinoGrimby).

What about more of the comic?

I'm working on it. Okay, I mean, I'll be on break, but I'll eventually work on it and take my time and get a new story together. I have plenty of ideas, but no idea yet what should come next.

I want to explore. Concept art, story writing and I want to share it with you on here. You'll be in the loop.

There's the Shrine. I may work on that some more and integrate that experience with the website. We'll see...

I could probably work on making bits of this website better as well.

Anyhow, there's a lot of things I can do.

...If you want to be apart of it, stay in touch. Share the comic with your friends. Tell me your thoughts on it.

I'll post something weekly. I know some folks have the comic on their RSS. So I might start a new "book" and use it as a sketchbook so the RSS feed doesn't run dry.

Enough rambling for now.

There's one more splashy page, but this page is the last page of the story. I'll have the splashy page out on Friday -- give this page some time to breathe.

Yeah, I know, poor Hana never gets to say anything back. What would say if you were Hana? What would you tell Kamiko?