Lady of the Moon, Page 2

Apr 13, 2016, 1:00:49 PM

"...funny story how my sister shot me and I turned immortal."

A revue of This Mortal Coil: The Rabbit and the Moon

I might have posted this...

No, I think I forgot too.

Well back in August, This Mortal Coil got a review.

Olivia Myer, one of the folks behind Parmeshen, also runs a blog called The Strip Show Revue, and she wrote this review for Mortal Coil. From the review:

A fascinating, funny, intricate and uplifting tale.

10 out of 10.

If I can be honest for a moment, I don't ever think of this comic as 10 out of 10, but then as the guy who wrote and drew this, I see a lot of the flaws and problems with it. The black and white works sometimes, and sometimes it doesn't.

You might be looking at this page, for instance, and thinking: "he really did cheap out on those backgrounds."

And you'd be totally right. I did. :) Will I fix 'em? Probably not. Even though I notice that I could do more and it bugs me. It makes me want to pick up the pen right now and fix it. I did spend time just before uploading moving word bubbles around.

It's a slipper slope, but in the grand scheme of things this is one page in one story. One day, five years from now when there are a constellation of This Mortal Coil stories, it probably won't matter.

I can't beat myself up over all the imperfections. I just gotta keep moving on to the next page, the next story, and keep this thing moving along.

Speaking of story writing...

Writing Notes for Mortal Coil

Writing Notes for Mortal Coil

I'm story planning. Nothing heavy -- although that looks pretty heavy with all that chicken scratch, and if you can read it, tell me what it says because I can't read my own writing. :)

One of the first comments I got when I showed this pic was to use sharpie and write big. Not a bad idea. So I'm going to try that. At least it'll keep me focused on the bigger picture.

I wanted to start this new adventure in writing with a more physical way than I did The Rabbit and the Moon. I wrote that all in Scrivener, which is cool, but right now I want something more analog and physical before I go to the keyboard. I want to plan using note cards. I want to shuffle them around. Make a mess. And, do all that until I can really flesh out the backbone of this story, and a bunch of others.

If you want to follow along, it'll be on my instagram and periodically I'll post the WIP of these stories. I don't intend to explain them too much.

You're free to read them.

If you like what you read, drop me a comment. (If you can read any of that.)

Oh, and one more thing...

While the comic takes a hiatus and I figure out what the next thing of This Mortal Coil is, I've also decided to take up some extra-curricular activities related to webcomics.

I don't really get a chance to read a lot of webcomics.

I want to do some writing and share things I know about how I made TMC.

Well, Olivia's Strip Show Revue is the perfect combination of both those things.

I can check out other online comics and write about them with an eye towards the creators.

Perfect fit.

If you want to read my reviews they'll be posted Sundays on the Strip Show Revue.

Here's my first one for the webcomic O.S.F. Galatea.

See ya next week!

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