The Ferrywoman, Page 6

Mar 28, 2015, 1:00:47 PM

How It's Made: The Ferrywoman - 6

It's Tuesday and time for another installment of "How It's Made" this time focused on page 6 of "The Ferrywoman." Here are the pencils:

The Ferrywoman - 6 Pencils

The Ferrywoman - 6 Pencils

Read on to take a look at the storyboard and script!


The Ferrywoman - 6 Storyboard

The Ferrywoman - 6 Storyboard

 As you can see for the image on the bottom-left I used some 3D to help me figure out the dimensions. The Ferrywoman is about 9-10 heads high and Kamiko is about 7.5 heads high. So the Ferrywoman is taller than Kamiko and everyone else, and I wanted to accentuate that in this scene. This chapter is primarily a prolonged conversation between a group of people. I did my best to handle cinematographic stage direction -- make sure that characters faced the right way when talking against another character. On this page, I began to play with having the camera high and low since Kamiko was directly challenging the Ferrywoman to help her. In the third frame, we're looking down at Kamiko from above the Ferrywoman. The idea was to show that she was inferior to the Ferrywoman, especially because of what she's asking her to do (implicitly), and then in the sixth frame, the camera is low and pointed up towards the Ferrywoman showing her superiority. Even for all of Kamiko's smugness, it seems that she's on the wrong end of this argument.

In Manga Studio, once I had the blocks laid out for that sixth frame, I used the perspective ruler and got the 3-point perspective and began to draw in the figures. In Blender I used something akin to a 24mm lens, so it was very distorted and wide and it made the Ferrywoman tower over Kamiko. After I drew them out, I realized, that she really towered over her and I adjusted Kamiko's head to be a big higher to compensate.


KAMIKO Which way did he go?

TACHIBANA Up into the mountains, his old stomping grounds.

KAMIKO (turns to the Ferrywoman) If you could stop this, would you do it? Or are you going to pretend that it doesn't concern you?

FERRYWOMAN And what shall I do?

KAMIKO You can see all the different outcomes can't you? All the different branches the timeline will make.

FERRYWOMAN Yes, this is my nature, and since I do see all the possibilities, my favored action is inaction. I do not judge one outcome to better than another.

KAMIKO But for us right now, there's only one!

FERRYWOMAN And it has already begun.


FERRYWOMAN He will die by the hand of the girl.

KAMIKO The girl? (looking at Hana) Where's THE STUPID ONE!? AUGH, NOODLE ARMS!!!

HANA NATSUMI! Oh no! Nonono...

I took out the last bit where Kamiko calls Natsumi "Noodle Arms." She does it once, on a previous page. I thought it was just a corny thing for her to call her younger self, but maybe it wasn't a great joke. The "stupid one" (to me) seems to work better since she really detests her younger self.

That's it for this installment of How it's Made. Have a good rest of the week!

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